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Who we are ?

DAYNIGHT HEALTHCARE is a healthcare recruitment agency which is dedicated towards providing brilliant health and support care services to a variety of services, including the NHS, community, private hospitals, care homes and nursing homes. As a service, we offer qualified staff who are well experienced as well as enthusiastic and who share the same ethos as DAYNIGHT HEALTHCARE. As well as being trained according to the UK care regulations, our staff are friendly, sympathetic and approachable, making them highly appropriate and adaptable for any services you wish to utilise them in.

To ensure excellent levels of care, we have placed thorough and robust guidelines for all our staff as well as ensuring that they meet the job requirements. Their experience, coupled with their training and expertise, ensures that we have staff that are more than capable of caring for individuals who have specific care and medical needs. We have a support centre for our staff every day of the week should they face any problems or have any enquiries. This ensures that our staff stay motivated for the job, an important and essential quality!